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You might be happy to know I have the first five pages of Warrior's Daughter Chapter 5 completed. Still gotta finish the cover page, though.
Things I had today: ice-cream cake. Things Chiyo would most definitely eat for her birthday: ice-cream cake. #TakeNotePeyton #WritingInspo
Thanks for the birthday wishes!! :3
Status: Resisting the urge to put 'nekminnit' in my comic script
I am so rusty at comic-making, good lord
I admit: I have been complete DBZ fandom trash from adolescence, I think about 15 years at this point?! I'm never going to get out of this fandom...and why would I want to?
I'm super excited about Dragon Ball Super. I'm really hoping FUNi pick it up for dubbing (though why wouldn't they?!), but in the meantime I'm going to keep an eye out and try to watch the episodes...hopefully there'll be English subtitles because I understand maybe 3 words of Japanese.

And of course as soon as Dragon Ball Super came out I started thinking about where Chiyo would be and what she would be doing. It all depended on the timeline, of course...but I did a bit of digging around and found the series starts 6 months from the defeat of Majin Boo, and also will go on to document the 'Battle of Gods' arc as well as 'Revival of F'...and something else about fighting characters from a different universe (?? were they reading Dragon Ball Multiverse or what?)

As I hear it, six months on Goku is helping Chi-Chi with the farm at their house but he keeps sneaking off to train. I thought of this and immediately thought 'Chiyo would be roped in to helping too, of course' but then I thought 'no, wait, she's got schoolwork to do'. Then I figured, the most likely scenario is Chiyo does her schoolwork and gets out of farming, but she'll go sneaking off to train with Goku. Though I get the feeling Chiyo probably would have to stay at home a lot to do her schoolwork, so I doubt she'd get to go out to train in cool places like North Kaiou's planet.

When I think about how Chiyo fits in the universe I often come up with little scenarios and scenes that I think would be fun to write and develop her character. I've come up with some ideas like...Chiyo's fourteenth birthday party (if you recall, she was born in October, and though the series starts on November 774 I think it could be a fun pre-DBS story).
Other things I've thought about are scenes like Chiyo finally showing Goku her Super Saiyan 3 form (he had a good laugh and she got mad), Chiyo and Goten baking, her first date or something...just little every day scenes. I wrote so much about battle and death and grief and fear and I feel like she needs to have some fun with her family.

For reference, I know Chiyo goes to high school in Herculopolis/Satan City like Gohan does, when she's sixteen...which would be...776/777. She graduates with decent grades, and Chi-Chi wants her to become a teacher. But instead she takes a job at Hercule's dojo and seems content to work there and spend the rest of her time training.
I don't think Chiyo is really unmotivated or feels like she doesn't have a purpose in life, even if that seems like it to Chi-Chi. I think she wants to just enjoy life and be happy even if she's not 'successful' (though saving the entire world a few times over is ...pretty successful). She also wants to spend as much time with Goku as possible...sort of making up for lost time, I guess.

But anyway, I've got a few things to think about...I also want to write about her first days at high school and how much she tried to get out of it by faking sick. >_>

About Me

I'm Peyton, an art student-slash-freelancer-slash-writer living in Aus.
This dA is for fanart only.


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